Boddam and District Community Association

Boddam and District Community Association Members :


Boddam and District Community Council (2000 - 2007) are now Boddam and District Community Association.


In September 2000, a small group of people met in the recently refurbished Community Hut in Harbour Street, Boddam with a view to re-establishing Boddam and District Community Council. A meeting was held and this was also attended by Councillor Sam Coull and Area Manager - North, Mr. Chris White.

The newly elected chairperson brought to the attention of all at the meeting that seven projects could be started on immediately. Mr. Chris White suggested there should be a cycle path from Boddam to Peterhead.

The group suffered a slight set back as forming a community council takes time. Councillor Sam Coull came to the rescue by managing to secure cash for administrative purposes, and the group continued to move forward.

The first project to be undertaken was to improve the seated area at the junction of Manse Terrace/Gordon Street. Before the Community Council was formed Councillor Sam Coull had permission from Mrs. Lee Gordon of Boddam Estates to improve this area. He arranged for Aberdeenshire Council to clear the area, install a bench and improve the area of ground. 

Both Councillor Coull and the Community Council were unhappy with the job and undertook to improve on it. A quote was received from St. Fergus Builders to lock block the area. This work was carried out in the summer of 2001 and the seat and lock blocks now enhance the area. Mrs. Lee Gordon arranged to have a plaque on the seat which reads: "In memory of Peter Gordon who loved Boddam, 1940 to 1994 ".


Just along the road in Manse Terrace stands the war memorial. An earlier Community Council in the 1970s had installed railings around the base of the memorial to hold the poppy wreaths. Through time and bad weather conditions, these railings were in this new century looking pretty rusty. Boddam Community Council brought this to the notice of the Royal British Legion in Peterhead who decided to renew the railings if Boddam Community Council gave a donation. One hundred pounds was put towards their renewal.



By this time in March 2001 Boddam and District Community Council were an accepted body.

A seat at the top end of Rocksley Drive was moved to the other side of the road whilst new houses are being built. This seat will be put back in its place when the houses are completed.

Boddam's biggest project to date was thought out by the Community Council and the Councillor. A clock to be situated on top of the Library building in Queens Road. The idea of this setting was because Boddam Library is owned by Aberdeenshire Council and secondly it was thought to be good to have it in the centre of the village.

Funding was secured, the clock was ordered and a building warrant received. The clock has a white face, black Roman numerals, fleur de lille hands, a traditional church bell sound, ringing on the hour from 7.00 a.m. to 11 p.m. and it is lit up at night. The village clock now gives Boddam a centre. Friday, 21st December 2001 a buffet and music was held in Boddam Library to mark the installation of Boddam's village clock. The invited group all went out into the crisp cold icy evening to witness the clock striking 8 p.m.

Also in 2001,  Boddam and District Community Council presented Christmas lights for the Christmas tree, which is donated by RAF Buchan, and every year stands proudly outside Skerry Hall Sheltered Housing. This gesture was repeated in 2002. Unfortunately, someone does not like the idea, as both years the lights have been vandalised during the night. Maybe Boddam will be lucky third time around !

Late in 2001, Aberdeenshire Council's Head of Leisure and Recreation was invited to be the Community Council's guest. A list of areas and streets were given to him with a request for flowers to be planted. This project was named "Brightening Up Boddam". Seventy five bags of daffodils were planted in areas throughout the village. In the spring of 2002 these daffodils gave Boddam a glorious splash of yellow. As spring is almost here again the daffodil plants are all looking healthy and we are expecting the show to be even better this year.

Also in the Community Council's short time they organised a trip to The Factory Skatepark in Dundee. The Community Council provided the cost for the first trip, i.e. coach transport, entry to skate park, a meal and crisps and juice for the journey. This was a great success and the eighteen young people wanted another trip. They earned the next outing by a sponsored silence and a buttery morning both organised by the Community Council, and funding from Aberdeenshire Council for transport. The money left over went towards the Russell Street play area. Donations for the play area have been received from Mr. and Mrs. Lillie and Lodge Dundonnie, as well as grants from Golden Eye and Aberdeenshire Council Area Initiative. Further funding should be received so that this project can be completed in the near future.

September 2001 and April 2002 saw the Community Council organising two Tidy Up Days. Around sixty people turned up for the first one and around fifty for the second. Councillor Coull, who took part in both tidy up days, highlighted this at Aberdeenshire Council' s Area Committee meeting and Boddam was rewarded with a summer street orderly. They have also been promised a street orderly for Summer 2003. Both these events turned out to be a social gathering finishing at RAF Buchan's sports field/pavilion where everyone enjoyed light refreshments and prizes for finding hidden bottles.

Now into March 2002 and the big projects for the year were chosen. A refurbishment job on the play area in Russell Street and a Gateway at the south entrance to the village. These were chosen as lasting memories to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee. An outdoor concert with three bands taking part was organised for Monday 3rd June Golden Jubilee Day. Grampian Thistle Pipe Band, The Buchaneers Jazz Band and a group called Thin Ice provided the music, and they were joined at the venue, Buchanness Car Park, by Russell Anderson of Aberdeen Football Club and Francis Bremner, Peterhead's local strong man. Mackies ice cream was on sale and also goodies from Zanres Burger van. Earlier in the day,  Ian Noble entertained the elderly at Skerry Hall, and in the late evening a bonfire and fireworks display was held at Boddam Harbour.


It is hoped the full funding will be received for the play area in Russell Street soon, and the Jubilee Gateway will be erected within the next few weeks. The contract has been let to Chap Construction, and the plaque is waiting ready in Bon Accord Granite.  It reads " THE JUBILEE GATEWAY TO CELEBRATE THE GOLDEN JUBILEE OF HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN 1952-2002 - BODDAM AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY COUNCIL ". When the gateway is in place an opening ceremony will be organised.


In October 2002 a heavy rainstorm flooded two houses at Stirling Village. They were getting back to normal when this was repeated in early December. Councillor Coull organised all services to try and establish the cause of flooding. It was found to be the Pleasure Park at Stirling Village which is now too high, after a contractor had dumped rubble and earth in an attempt to improve the park. It was over to Boddam Community Council to put to the village residents the findings of all the services. The field will be turned into a wetland area, and have walkways, frogs, bushes and something for everyone. The village has been promised the use of the RAF sports field for football and cricket, although there will be a kick around area at the wetland park. We are awaiting the plans for this large project.

Boddam Castle now has a notice board just off Rocksley Drive giving its history, another notice board will be placed near the Castle. Three busloads of visitors from America visited the castle in August on their way to Peterhead for the Keith Clan reunion. Plans and funding are being looked into for a path to the castle.

Late November 2002 saw Boddam and District Community Council entertaining the business people of Boddam at a buffet and music in Boddam Library. This was another great success.

Boddam Community Council have also produced two leaflets keeping the village and surrounding area up to date, so for a change this year we decided to produce a website.

Boddam and District Community Council and Councillor Coull intend continuing their quest to attract visitors to Boddam.

Boddam and District Community Council's projects for 2004 were designed to motivate people of all ages.

At the beginning of the year the Community Council decided to donate two shields. The first was presented to Boddam School at its Easter play. The school staff requested that the shield be used as a House Shield.

The Community Council also presented badges for the children. The first house to win the shield was Rocksley who gained the most points in all the children's activities.

The second shield has been handed over to Boddam Junior Yachting Association affectionately known as the "Boaties". The "Boaties" committee presented the winner of the shield at their annual party on 3rd January 2005.

The history of Boddam Junior Yachting Association goes back well over 150 years. It started as a superstition when models of the old fifie fishing boats were made and set off from the shore as a good luck sign. As time went past, the yachts were kept and instead of letting them go out to sea, they turned to the Den Dam and began racing them each New Year's Day.

The Den Dam is situated about two miles from Boddam at the top of Stirling Hill. Its location was not seen as a problem. On new year's day everyone would gather in the village and, with the local flute band leading the way, they would walk up the hill to the dam. Many times they would get there only to find it frozen over and they then would break the ice before sailing could begin.

In those days boats were raced only for the sons of the model owners. A club was soon formed and named The Boddam Boys Yachting Club. No prizes were given at this time. The practice of prize giving began around ten years later when it was decided to give prizes to the winner and runner-up of each race.

The races continued in this format until the end of the First World War. It was then that the first trophies came into use.

Some of the yachts sailing at the present day were in use more than 100 years ago. In the 1950s it was agreed to change the sailing date to August with the prize giving at the New Year.

Money was raised in those days with teams of teenage girls going around the village calling at every house collecting donations, and most gave what they could afford. Also some of the older men would go around the skippers of the local herring fleet and collect donations.

On 2nd January of each year, a party was held in the public hall to which all the children in the village were invited free of charge. At the party they were given lemonade and ice-cream, after which the boys who had boats entered for them received their gifts.

This continued until the 1960s when the name of the club was changed to the Boddam Junior Yachting Association, this allowed boats to be sailed for girls.

The Association continues to sail yachts to the present day, ranging in size from 18 inches to 4 feet. It is a unique club and it is keeping alive a tradition and a link with the past. It is a reminder of our forefathers and how they cared for their community.


On the 15th March, the residents of Boddam enjoyed a "Healthy Eating Breakfast Buffet" held in Boddam Public Hall. This event proved so popular that a repeat event was organised in May.

Even more people turned up to the second breakfast buffet, including the Boddam Bulls and Boddam Bullets football teams. Plenty of leaflets on healthy eating were provided, newspapers were available for people to sit and read, and John H. Milne's fish van was outside the hall selling fish.

Prior to the summer break a walk was organised over the cycle path from Stirling Village to the Invernettie roundabout.

Around 70 people took part in this popular event. At the end everyone enjoyed light refreshments in Boddam public hall. It was good to see the cycle path from Stirling Village to Peterhead being used regularly.

After consultation with Boddam Harbour Trustees, two litter bins were provided, and the gazebo painted and re-roofed.

Roses and heather have been planted at Stirling Village and there is still more to be planted.

Stirling Village now proudly bears its full name on green signs erected at both sides of the village.

NEWSLETTER : February, 2006

Boddam and District Community Council, along with Councillor Coull, met with Mr Frank Strang the new owner of the former RAF Buchan site. Mr Strang outlined his vision for the future of the site and he will announce his plans in due course. It looks as if residents who attended Boddam and District Community Council's public meeting on 4th November 2003 could get one of their wishes as Mr Strang plans to turn the former Games Hall into a Leisure Centre for widespread community use. We look forward to seeing all the other plans Mr Strang has in store and wish him and his team every success.

The first cadets are due to arrive sometime in April 2006. We have pleasure in welcoming 2 HLHRS CADET BN to their new Cadet Training Centre.

Early in 2005 a door-to-door survey was carried out by consultants who are based at Craibstone, Aberdeen . This was followed by a public meeting in Boddam Public Hall on 15th March 2005 . The findings of the consultation and the public meeting showed that the residents wanted to see improvements at the harbour area and at Boddam Castle .

Since March 2005 our consultants and an ecologist have looked at the harbour bank area. We have also met with Boddam Estates. Boddam Estates will have to give written permission before any work is carried out on the harbour bank. Our consultants have informed us that it is highly possible funding will be received to carry out this environmental project.

Quotes for the path and car park to Boddam Castle were ascertained. This enabled our consultants to apply for funding and we are pleased to tell you that cash has been received. The job has recently been carried out making a tremendous improvement to the area surrounding the castle and giving visitors easier access.  

The funding which they have been able to access for the castle path and car park and the money they hope to get for the harbour area can only be used for these specific projects and cannot be used for anything else in the village. 

The clock on library roof which was destroyed by fire in June 2005 has been replaced. The replacement cash came from Aberdeenshire Council's insurance. Once again, the clock gives Boddam a centre. The clock will ring on the hour from 8.00 a.m. until 10 p.m. and the sound can be monitored by the Environmental Department to ensure an acceptable level.

At the Community Council meeting on Friday 30th September 2005 a group of eight people visited the meeting with a request that the Community Hut in Harbour Street be used for pensioners to meet. A full discussion on the building took place that evening and responsibilities were outlined to the group by the Community Council. Chairperson Betty May recently received a letter from Mr Chris White, Area Manager, informing her that Boddam Community Council should look for another location for Community Council meetings. The reason for this is that the Disability Discrimination Act is now in place. Aberdeenshire Council have a duty to hold meetings in places with disabled access and with suitable toilet facilities. The Community Council comes under Aberdeenshire Council and the Hut is not equipped with the stipulated requirements. Boddam and District Community Council wish to advise the people of Boddam that all responsibility has been relinquished for Boddam Community Hut. 

Boddam Community Hut was officially handed over on Tuesday, 31st January, 2006, and the management, upkeep, payment of bills etc. now rests with a new committee whom we wish well. For all matters relating to the Community Hut please contact Mr Alexander Stephen, Harbour Street, or Mr Alister Thomson, Brae Street. The Community Council are now conducting their meetings in Boddam School and calling notices are being displayed in local shops. 

The Street Orderly finished work in September and hopes to be back in 2006. 

The website was updated in December, 2005. New businesses or alterations to existing businesses please contact Chairperson giving details. 

FS T. Skinner at RAF Buchan made the necessary arrangements for Remembrance Sunday. This will continue in future years. 

Electronic traffic calming signs should be erected soon at Station Road and Stirling Village.  

NEWSLETTER : September, 2008

Ideas and plans for the commemorative sculpture to honour the men and women who have served at RAF Buchan have been set in motion by Boddam and District Community Association. This tribute is intended to be from the people of Boddam to mark the many years the RAF have watched over the skies and who were our neighbours and friends for this long period of time. Their presence at RAF Buchan was extremely good for the economy and provided long term jobs for many civilians in the village of Boddam and the surrounding district for 52 years.

Boddam and District Community Association applied for and have been granted funding through Aberdeenshire Council's Area Initiative. Other funding may be available from Aberdeenshire Council's Public Art Department and other sources.

Boddam and District Community Association are happy that the RAF still have a presence at Remote Radar Head Buchan and have personnel living in the village.

Drawings have been prepared by well known sculptor, WALTER AWLSON. Amendments are required to the sketches and when this has been done we will make them available at a suitable location in Boddam for residents to view.

We are excited about this ambitious undertaking and hope it will be completed in 2009.

Boddam and District Community Association are happy that the RAF still have a presence at Remote Radar Head Buchan and have personnel living in the village.

We are continuing to update the Boddam tourist leaflet and arrange printing and distribution. The leaflet has a wide distribution and does bring visitors to Boddam.

The two Christmas light features are erected and dismantled annually. They are displayed outside Kerry Hall Sheltered Housing on Seaview Road. Arrangements will be made for repairs to light features as and when necessary.

The Association members discuss Remembrance Sunday annually with our RAF representative who arranges the details for the service at the Memorial in Manse Terrace.

The Association members will continue with the new projects to enhance the village of Boddam.

The Boddam website is kept up to date. Details on the following can be accessed at :

Education : Boddam Primary School, Boddam Playgroup, Boddam Mums and Tots, Hickory Dickory Tots Nursery, Out of School Club and B Slim Weight Loss Classes.

Churches and Halls : Boddam Evangelical Church, Trinity Parish Church, United Free Church and Boddam Public Hall.

Businesses : Boddam Post Office, Buchanness Plumbing, J J's Driving School, Karla's Creative Capers, Millbank Motors, North Island Plumbing and radiators Ltd., Park Garage, Peter Stevenson Cars, Thistle Seafoods Ltd. and Smart Move Limousines Ltd.

Shops, Hotels, Inn and Leisure : M&J Cook (Londis), The Boddam Shop, J.B.D. Chip Shop, Buchanness Hotel, Seaview Hotel, Rocksley Inn and Braeside Trout Fishery. Buchan Braes Hotel is now open at the former Officers' Mess at Buchan Braes.

Boddam Library : New opening hours commenced on 31st March 2008. Details from 01779 473479. The popular "Put the Kettle on" takes place at 11.00 am on Tuesdays. "Come and Listen to a Story" 3.30 - 4.00 pm Fridays for children.

Newsletters and Flyers : The Association intend producing Newsletters and Flyers sometime during the year depending on the Association's activities. These will be in the form produced by Boddam and District Community Council during the years 2000 - 2007. As from 1st June 2007 the aforementioned Community Council all stood down and decided to continue under Boddam and District Community Association.

Boddam and District Community Association continuously carry out checks in Boddam Village. For example street lights, pot holes, play areas and abandoned vehicles to name a few. We also receive numerous requests from residents and they are dealt with promptly.

Once again we have been fortunate in having a Street Orderly from June to September. This started several years ago after our successful Tidy-Up Days.

NEWSLETTER : March, 2009

Boddam and District Community Association invite you to view plans for our present project. An Open Evening will be held in Boddam Library from 7 pm to 9 pm on Thursday, 2nd April 2009. 

Ideas and plans for the commemorative sculpture to honour the men and women who have served at RAF Buchan have been set in motion by Boddam and District Community Association. This tribute is intended to be from the people of Boddam to mark the many years the RAF have watched over the skies and who were our neighbours and friends for this long period of time. Their presence at RAF Buchan was extremely good for the economy and provided long term jobs for many civilians in the village of Boddam and the surrounding district for 52 years.

A local firm has donated a large piece of granite to act as a plinth for the sculpture. A variety of pictures were requested and have been received from the Royal Air Force so that a suitable one can be chosen for the bronze sculpture which will stand on top of the granite plinth. There will also be a plaque with inscription. 

Boddam and District Community Association applied for and have been granted funding through Aberdeenshire Council's Area Initiative. Other funding has become available from Aberdeenshire Council's Public Art Department and other sources.

Drawings have been prepared by well known sculptor, Walter Awlson.

We have now decided to alter the site where the memorial will stand. We feel that a permanent site is necessary for such a memorial. It is hoped the sculpture will stand on the site behind the granite gateway at the top of Rocksley Drive. We are excited about this ambitious undertaking and hope it will be completed in 2009. Boddam and District Community Association are happy that the RAF still have a presence at Remote Radar Head Buchan and have personnel living in the village.

An updated Boddam tourist leaflet has been prepared. Residents have received a copy so that they can see what we are offering visitors to our village. Copies of the leaflet are sent out to Tourist Board offices, hotels and other outlets so that it can attract visitors to Boddam.

At Christmas time, two light features were erected, as usual, outside Skerry Hall Sheltered Housing. This year we also donated Christmas decorations to the Library.

The annual Remembrance Day Service was co-ordinated by FS T. Skinner, RAF along with Boddam and District Community Association. The service was led by Rev. Paul McClenagham at the memorial in Manse Terrace. Poppy wreaths were laid on behalf of the British Legion, Royal Air Force, Aberdeenshire Council and Boddam and District Community Association.

Details of Boddam and District Community Association's website can be accessed at : New links to our website are Buchan Braes Coastal Hotel and Buchan Ness Lighthouse Holidays.

Boddam and District Community Association continue to carry out regular checks throughout the village. For example street lights, pot holes, play areas and abandoned vehicles to name a few. A persistent spate of dog fouling has been reported to the Environmental Department. It is hoped to have a Street orderly in Summer 2009.

It is now over a year since Boddam and District Community Association along with Boddam Library staff had a very successful Open Day. Numbers increased both in adults and children. A very popular "Put the Kettle on" takes place on Tuesday mornings. Recently the Library staff held a Children's Craft Day which was well supported. Boddam is one of the lucky villages in the North east to have a modern, well-equipped Library with pleasant staff. Boddam and District Community Association send out a warm invitation to all residents to come along to Boddam Library to view the sketches for our Memorial Project and at the same time the Library staff hope you will take the opportunity to look around the book shelves, adverts, CDs and DVDs. Access to computers is available by arrangement with Library staff during their usual opening hours.

Angels Superior Care (a Care Agency), an Employment Agency, Smiths Wool Mill with a Dry Cleaning Service and a Gift Shop have all joined Buchan Braes Coastal Hotel. Hickory Dickory Tots and After School Club on the former RAF site will eventually integrate into the village of Boddam.


Photographs of the Unveiling Ceremony - RAF Tribute Statue - 24th September 2009







NEWSLETTER : January, 2010

Boddam and District Community Association are delighted to let you know that the commemorative sculpture to honour the men and women who have served at RAF Buchan is now in place at the Jubilee Gateway at the south entrance to Boddam. It is a magnificent waist-length bronze statue of an airman on a granite plinth and it is the work of well known sculptor Walter Awlson. 

Thursday, 24th September 2009 dawned bright and sunny, just the perfect day as we had hoped for. Around noon, personnel from Remote Radar Head Buchan arrived. Shortly before that the bubble wrap was taken off the statue. A blue satin cushion was placed over the plaque in preparation for the unveiling ceremony. A 12.30 p.m. start was scheduled. The RAF personnel formed a Guard of Honour round the statue. A piper played as the guests and residents arrived. Boddam and District Community Association members stood on the grass surrounding the statue. On the stroke of 12.30 p.m. Councillor Sam Coull commenced the ceremony by welcoming everyone present. He also said "During this half century, the base not only played a vital part in the nation's defence, but our servicemen and women volunteered a supporting role to the community in their off-duty hours, quietly, and without fanfare, assisting many charitable causes in the surrounding area. Over the years, many of our friends at RAF Buchan were posted to other duties throughout the world to destinations such as the Falklands, Bosnia and Iraq. This memorial is for all of them." Chairperson of Boddam Community Association Miss Betty May provided two pairs of scissors one to Air Commodore Mark Ashwell and the other to Lord Lieutenant Angus Farquharson who both moved forward to cut the ribbon supporting the blue satin cushion covering the plaque. The inscription on the plaque reads : "A tribute from the people of Boddam to the men and women who served at Royal Air Force Buchan 1952 - 2005".

After the unveiling of the statue, Lord Lieutenant Farquharson said " I have very fond memories of RAF Buchan and I remember my first visit to RAF Buchan in April 1999 when the then Group Captain Mark Ashwell was Station Commander. I am pleased to be able to, not only meet him again and welcome him back, but to share this duty together. " During Lord Lieutenant Farquharson's speech a Tornado from RAF Leuchars followed by a Sea King helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth provided a flypast. Lord Lieutenant Farquharson paused to salute them.

Air Commodore Mark Ashwell said " It is a great honour to have served here. I first came here as a young Pilot Officer and it was my privilege to return as Station Commander. I am very moved at this tremendous tribute to the RAF men and women who served here. The radar here at Remote Radar Head Buchan still continues to provide a vital contribution to the defence of the UK. The long heritage still continues, as does the friendship that has always existed."

Pictures were taken. people studied the sculpture and talked with friends and then it was time for the guests to make their way to Buchan Braes Coastal Hotel for lunch. Prior to lunch Miss Betty May, on behalf of the members of Boddam and District Community Association, spoke and she said "It is hard to think of another group of people who have contributed so much over such a long time and rank more worthy of a tribute than those who have served at RAF Buchan over half a century. We hope that with our tribute in place that many will come back with wives and family to visit that was, for some times their homes and say hello again."

Businesses and Aberdeenshire Council; who had donated in cash or in kind were thanked on the day. Thursday 24th September 2009 was a truly wonderful day, a day Boddam will not forget. All the meetings, planning and site visits for this special statue had become a reality. We hope you have enjoyed our report and the excerpts from the speeches.

Website - We are in the process of updating the website and you will find pictures from the Unveiling of the statue on this page.
Remembrance Day - Rev. McClenaghan, minister of Trinity Church, conducted the service at the Memorial in Manse Terrace. Poppy wreaths were laid on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council, Boddam Community Association and the Royal Air Force. The Peterhead Branch of the Royal British Legion laid a poppy wreath and we were joined by members of the Salvation Army.
Christmas Lights - The two Christmas light features were erected outside Skerry Hall and dismantled after the Christmas and New Year break.
Boddam Tourist Leaflet - Alterations are being made to the Boddam Tourist leaflet and when completed it will include a picture of the recently unveiled statue.
New Projects - Slippage occurred from the bank near the start of the Public Path which begins at the north end of Harbour Street and leads to Power Station Outfall. It is being investigated and will hopefully be repaired. We plan to donate a seat to be situated near the Outfall. Permission has been requested from the Power Station. We have been delving into our files and checking what the residents of Boddam said in our last questionnaire.
Digital Television - In September, 2010 everyone will have to either get a new television set or a box to upgrade their present system. Digitaluk have offered to give a presentation and we have accepted. The venue is Buchan Braes Coastal Hotel on Friday, 29th January 2010 commencing at 2 p.m. Transport will be provided for those who require it. The transport will start at 1.15 p.m. leaving from Manse Terrace bus stop and will stop at all bus stops in the village. The transport will take people back after the presentation.
Best Wishes - Boddam and District Community Association would like to wish the residents of Boddam and District a Happy 2010.

NEWSLETTER : May, 2010

Core Paths at Stirlinghill (Hill of Boddam)/Den Dam - Boddam and District Community association have been in talks with Aberdeenshire Council's Area Access Officer, Mr. Colin Miller and Dr. Gerald Banks who represents Boddam Estates and have joined them in an ambitious project to update and create core paths and other features at Stirlinghill (Hill of Boddam) and the Den Dam area.

For over two years, Aberdeenshire Council have been mapping out core paths all over Aberdeenshire. The Stirlinghill/Den Dam paths have been studied and approved. This is an unique combination whereby Aberdeenshire Council, the Local Landowners, who are Boddam Estates, and Boddam Community Association have come to an agreement as they see a way to promote the core paths for the benefit of the community.

The first meeting took place on a cold wintry day with plenty of snow making it impossible to carry out the proposed site visit. The meeting took place with Outdoor Access Officer, Mr. Colin Miller, Dr. Gerald Banks on behalf of Boddam Estates, Councillor Sam Coull and Miss Betty May, Chairperson of Boddam and District Community Association. A further visit to the site was planned for three weeks later.

The next meeting towards the end of March started with a site visit. This started at the Den Dam on a beautiful sunny day. The Den Dam itself was studied and the required improvements noted by Mr. Miller. It was good to find that the Boaties representatives had renewed a small jetty themselves. The wooden steps which were constructed in the 1980s are in a really bad state and require to be renewed. The cattle grids were discussed and also alternative routes. Finally in this area the Flint Mines were visited. It was decided to get an archaeologist to visit the Flint Mines, an engineer to survey the Den Dam north wall and Historic Scotland to visit the Den Dam. It is proposed to provide access for disabled persons.

We moved on to the Hill of Boddam approaching it by driving through a field where a proposed new path would give quicker access to the Den Dam from Hill of Boddam. At Hill of Boddam, there is a network of paths and plenty of choice for walkers and runners. The main approach to this area would be from the Ennstone Thistle old quarry entrance, first left after Lendrum Terrace. This approach was discussed but we did not go along to it. We walked along a path, used by local people, which is outside the Ennstone Quarry boundary fence and discussed the rain water which has built up making it impossible sometimes for people to walk here. The water and a solution were discussed. We then looked at the north and south viewpoints. The one to the north gives magnificent views of Boddam, Peterhead and Mormond Hill. Dr. Banks has cleared the ground for the south viewpoint and we walked over it and studied more magnificent views. This time it was the coast, Aberdeen  and Benachie which could be seen clearly and we enjoyed the views. The viewpoints are areas of ground which will be two of Boddam and District Community Associations's projects. It is hoped to have a granite seat at each viewpoint. In this area police use a disused quarry for diving and in the interests of Health and Safety this requires to be fenced off. This will be discussed with a representative of Ennstone Thistle. Nothing can actually be done until Ennstone Thistle has agreed to this and other areas which are on their ground. Other Boddam and District Community association projects are a LOGO and it is hoped the Association LOGO will be used. Interpretation Boards at the Lendrum Terrace entrance will also be an Association project. Moving on to where the last quarry was in operation, Mr. Miller has suggested the old Blacksmith's Smithy could be strengthened and made safe and one of the old "powder houses" in the same area could be improved to provide a shelter. This would be a great opportunity to make this part a community effort. The final part of the site visit was a walk down the Tattie Roadie to the A90 and Dr. Banks wishes to make this area safe for people to walk by fencing it off from the rest of the field. To sum up :- 
2010/2011 - The Hill of Boddam improvements.
2010/2012 - Flint Mines.
2012 Den Dam Area.

More people are walking, running or jogging nowadays and wishing to keep healthy and the foregoing would be a great benefit to them.

Boddam and District Community Association have a holiday village vision for Boddam and the Core Paths and all the past projects which have been carried out over the past ten years in Boddam gets us well on our way to achieving it. As someone recently said the Cycle Path from Peterhead to Boddam finishes abruptly before it reaches Stirling Village and providing the Core Paths at Stirlinghill/Den Dam would be like a continuation of the network of paths around the area. In the near future we hope to have pictures of the area on display and/or a DVD available to people to see all the different parts of the land which it is hoped will be developed over the nest few years. Boddam and District Community Association have discussed all the foregoing at two meetings. Another meeting with the Outdoor Access Officer, the representative for Boddam Estates and representatives of Boddam Community Association has been arranged to discuss with Ennstone Thistle their ground, meet an archaeologist regarding Flint Mines, meet a representative from Historic Scotland and also to discuss funding for the project. A report on this will be given at a later date.

As residents of Boddam and District you may recall in 1999 we had a Walkover at Hill of Boddam. The right of way at Hill of Boddam has now been established after 15 years of discussions on it and plenty of Patience. The "WALKERS WELCOME" sign, though small, is a pleasing sight. You may also recall in 2005 a survey was carried out throughout Boddam and District and the Stirlinghill/Den Dam area gained most points on this survey. At the same time a Workshop evening was held in Boddam Public Hall on 15th March 2005 when Boddam Castle path and Boddam Harbour bank took top places. Both these projects have been completed.

It is now time to attend to the outlying part of Boddam and District. Stirlinghill/Den Dam was not discussed at the Workshops because it gained top marks in the questionnaire.

NEWSLETTER : March, 2012

Stirling Hill Access Pathways Project

Since our last newsletter much progress has been made with the Stirling Hill Pathways Project and we have now installed 827 metres of public footpaths across Stirling Hill including a granite seat and ornamental cairn incorporating a stainless steel view indicator for visitors.

The main entrance to the walk begins at the bottom of Lendrum terrace where a map board is located with information and a gateway then leads forward. When our contractor began work in November, 2011, we were blessed with both good weather and a very competitive price for the work, which enabled us to add two more paths going west from the Viewpoint at the southern extremity of the paths. These extra paths were further made possible by the agreement of Boddam estates, our consultant and funding bodies; they head west towards Remote Radar Head Buchan and Den Dam. We also managed to upgrade what had been a muddy pathway next to the Breedon Aggregates haul road and now have a dry footing along that way also.

Cattle are now fenced off in the small field for the safety of walkers and a refurbished granite shelter will contain a bench seat and a wall mounted interpretation board carrying information on quarries. A completely new path begins near this shelter and passes the Admiralty Cottages on down the Tattie Roadie to the A90. We shall have granite way markers, similar to milestones, placed at agreed points along the route.

There are four other ways on to the new Stirling Hill paths apart from the Lendrum Terrace entrance. One being across the A90 from the Gateway and up the Tattie Roadie. When you head south near the lay-by adjacent to the A90 there is the Stirlinghill Quarry tarred road, and there are two other rough stony roads in the same area.

I have to thank the members of Boddam Community Association for all their work and input and also the volunteers and friends who have helped in different ways.

Thanks is also due for funding from Aberdeenshire Council with help given by both LEADER and SITA Trust funders.

I must also say how much we appreciate the help from Cllr. Sam Coull in assembling the funds by negotiating with other parties and pointing Boddam Community Association in the way of the most likely funders.

Lastly we want to thank the people of Boddam for their continuing interest and support for our Pathways Project which will undoubtedly be a community asset and selling point for our village.


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